General conditions of use of the website

     1. Generalities

1.1 These general conditions of use apply exclusively to users that are customers of webdesign, our platform doesn’t perform any kind of newsletter service or mail campaign.

1.2 At, commercial campaigns for services or products of other companies (“Partner / Customer”) are not offered. The web page, does not provide the services indicated by our Partners / Clients or the supply mentioned at “partnerships” or “worfolio”.

1.3 The page does not sell any product or service presented by customers at “partnerships” and “worfolio” pages. Products or services that are identified of the property of its partners/clients, are the responsibility of its partners/clients.

1.4 The video service, photography, SEO, graphic design, web design, content management as well as management and consulting in domains and web hosting that are presented on the website are merely demonstratives , any service or product provided to end customers by, will always have quotation and budgeting on a case-by-case basis, with the exception of the following point.

1.5 The digital services and products sold at our online store always require validation of your personal data, such as Name, Taxpayer, Address, Contact, etc., at the time of payment and some information about the address for the respective delivery of the product. The forms of delivery vary depending on the product purchased, we also provide various forms of payments. Any service purchased in our online store is paid in full in order to be made available to our customers, data provided by our customers are safeguarded by data protection and may modify their data by request by sending an email to our team through the email provided in the customer area, or through a form.

1.6 The conditions of use indicated are exclusively applicable to the services of the web page provided. These conditions of use can be found at and can be accessed, printed or stored locally at any time.

     2. Exploration of the service

The website as well as the services described above on this page are explored by:
Rui Manuel Caldeira Rodrigues

     3. Warranty / Liability

The guarantee and responsibility for the content of the services offered by our Partners / Clients always belong to the partners and clients of and no liability can ever be imputed to, due to the fact that only performs services to them and uses the info to make a portfolio. The excepting are the services presented directly by us as photo, video, web services and aerial footage.

     4. Availability of website reserves the right to change, limit or cancel at any time the functionalities of the web page, always safeguarding the interests of its partners and customers. Although strives to provide its service without any technical problems, the possibilities of use may be temporarily interrupted, in particular by maintenance works, updates and/or other problems. Eventually, data loss may occur. Therefore, does not assume any guarantee regarding the availability of the service or the absence of technical problems or loss of data, which do not directly concern our customers.

     5. Copyright reserves all the copyright and other rights to the service, as well as to the contents, information, images, videos and database published (hereinafter referred to as “protected property”). It is therefore expressly prohibited to change, reproduce, publish, transmit to third parties and / or any other use of the protected property, without the prior written permission from does not supply or sell personal info of their customers to other companies.

In the case of trademarks and patents of our customers will be made available on our website with their consent, respecting the suitability of the same as well as the faithful purpose of each one.

     6. Changes to the conditions of use

6.1 can update these conditions of use in order to respond to legal requirements or changes in operation. The user can consult the current conditions of use at any time through

6.2 If a contractual relationship has already been established between and the user, the modified conditions of use are only valid if has informed the user of the change, if the user has not answered by written or in text form, the validity of the modified conditions of use within 6 weeks and if the user has been informed of the legal consequences in case of not answering.

     7.  Photography and Video terms

7.1 will keep a copy of the photos in the form of backup in some reliable backup medium.

7.2 Because any backup medium loses it reliability over time (whether physical or in the cloud), or is not responsible for any loss of data over time.

7.3 Clients can request a copy of the photos at any time, after payment of the copy service, up to 6 months as long as the data is available.

7.4 recommends customers to make one or several copies of the work delivered, in other present or future physical media.

7.5 Under no circumstances, we will deliver the original video and photo material without editing.

7.6 will deliver to the clients the final files in JPG and MP4 format, without watermarks, in High Resolution (for Printing) in the maximum resolution and quality that the Photographic equipment used allows.

7.7 Customers have the authorization of to print the photographs they deem convenient and necessary from the work delivered.

7.8 is not responsible for the quality of the photos that customers print.


8.1 The CLIENTS assign to the image rights of the images taken during the course of the work and authorizes it to be able to display the report in any type of medium or medium, always for the purpose of promoting and with the Only courage to show the work done to other clients.

8.2 is legally exempt from liability from any subsequent modification to the work delivered.

     9. COPYRIGHT.

9.1 The digital originals of the photographic report shall be the intellectual property of, the clients only acquire the right to reproduce the images for their private enjoyment, but never intellectual property rights or commercial exploitation of the audiovisual. will keep the digital originals until 6 months after the delivery date, after this time you cannot legally claim any type of image.

  • is not responsible for the absence of socially pre-established photographs, typical and traditional images, so the absence of any of these images will not be claimed in any way. The report will not consist of photographing each and every one of the attendees and each and every one of the moments, but creating a graphic and artistic archive, always under the personal style of The design and layout will be done considering the stamp of without there being the possibility of making another type of layout.
  • The filming and images to be used in the video editing will be at the discretion and by choice of, as well as its representation and musicalization.
  • The aerial image service is only done in the packages contracted with the service of the same.

9.2 Aerial images will be only captured at outdoors.

9.3 It is the responsibility of the customers notify the use of Drone during the ceremony / event.

9.4 In high probabilities of bad weather (rain / storm / strong winds among others) reserves the right to cancel the use of the Drone.